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Our refrigerator is full of eggs (not sure how we amassed 3 cartons), butter, veggies and a ridiculous amount of leftover Indian food which makes no sense in the land of goulash & dumplings. Unable to deal with one more clean-out-the-fridge frittata, I have settled on white wine and chocolate which are not in the category of perishables to be consumed before our pending move in 32 hours. They are carbohydrates, however, which I will convert to energy to sustain me through the mental and physical challenge ahead.

Not that we are moving very far — 2.1 kilometers to be exact, but it will be our 6th move in just over 18 months which displeases me (Tijuana-to-Baltimore-to-Tampa (apt#1)-to-Tampa (apt#2)-to-Baltimore-to-Prague). This Diplomat’s wife does NOT want to set up house all over again. Steve, on the other hand, is ecstatic as we are moving to a beautiful, 5 bedroom home from the 1920’s with a sprawling back yard that we share with the U.S. Ambassador. Lexi will be pleased to finally have the space to run free, and to chase the cats that live on the property — that is if she doesn’t have a heart attack beforehand. Emptying my medicine cabinet contents into a box today put her in total panic mode. Packing often equates to an unwanted trip in a dog crate. Fortunately for her, it is a 25 minute walk north.


Besides, living in our temporary apartment since arriving to Prague in September has been a charmed experience despite it’s quirks. Quirks? Having the guest room shower in the middle of the hallway on the way to the kitchen might be one of them. Why would we want our guests to have privacy? It certainly weeded out our modest friends wanting to come visit.

The apartment is actually inside of an historic building which was the Prague Town Hall 400 years ago, and is listed in almost every tourist guide book.IMG_1200There is a vertical metal feature on the front door which was once a unit of measure that EVERY tourist feels compelled to put their arm up against and take a photo. Because this building is two blocks from the Prague Castle, there have been THOUSANDS of tourists a day outside my front door all day long. I am going to miss having to shove my way into my home, or mask my eyes from the blinding camera flashes on my way out; A surreal paparazzi experience every time I walk the dog! And because we have been up the hill in Hradčany (the Castle district), we have been afforded a flood of Southern light as well as spectacular views out our windows.



Photo credit - Matt Goldman

Photo credit – Matt Goldman

I will miss undoubtably miss my view of the sun rising over Prague. Now Diplo-Dog and I will be stuck with this view…

Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic

Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic

I will also miss the quaint experience of the daily 7AM wake up call by the minute long church bells symphony. But as the spouse of a foreign service officer, I have become accustomed to change, and packing and moving on as necessary. So instead of blogging as a means of procrastinating, I will heed the advice of my favorite pillow……keep calm

………and get myself packed.