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Russian novels

I woke up today still feeling a bit under the weather, but much, much better than yesterday all things considered. I passed out last night after finally giving into a hefty dose of cold medicine, which meant no 80 proof night-cap, s’mores in the fireplace nor Russian novels to lull me to sleep. Forcing down “Airborne” and hot liquids every 4 hours really helped.

Now about that Russian novel — I really don’t have any great desire to read one. Being that it might broaden my literary horizons, it was added to my 2013 “to do list”. I pointed out recently that this is not quite the same as a “bucket list”, which in my opinion should only include those things you are dying to do or see before you die. My husband has read most of the classics so it was easy finding a few in our library. I have narrowed down the list to two.

“Crime & Punishment” or “Anna Karenina”?? I asked Steve what he would recommend and he said “The Hobbit”. That is his go-to answer when asked what to read. I already think I am married to Bilbo, so who needs to read Tolkien? If I asked Lexi, she would surely recommend “Heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov (that is if Diplo-dog could talk). My children would probably say “War & Peace” just to shut me up and keep me busy for 1,500 pages. Therefore, I could use a little help from my friends choosing which book to begin. Please let me know your thoughts.