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Yesterday when I informed my husband that I was headed out for a pedicure “topless”, I thought it was just my hormones screwing with me again. A cold shower and standing directly under the ceiling fan on high was not rectifying the situation. Steve said that while not being the most socially acceptable nor diplomatic way to deal with my internal inferno, he at least was enjoying the mental visual I was providing. I should have known something was wrong when I showed up for my appointment 15 minutes later shivering in my turtleneck and fleece. My manicurist said I was unusually cold, and provided the nicest form of attention by the way of hot towels and a foot massage. Cold remedy-1

Cold or Flu? Remains to be seen. Aside from my distinct displeasure of flying in general, I view airplanes as airborne germ vessels. Therefore, getting a flu-shot ever year is a priority for me with all of the traveling that I do. Apparently, there is a nasty strain of the flu that has out-smarted the scientists and is one that you can still get — flu shot or not. So you can imagine my displeasure when my throat started getting all gnarly & scratchy last night. As if the chills were not enough of a clue. After a rough night’s sleep, I awoke all congested, headachy, ear achy, and with a gnawing pain in my back that is getting progressively worse. My husband would say I should have stayed in Tampa. I say he should fly up here and take care of me. I am sure the Admiral would understand.

Sadly, I am on my own to deal. With a busy work week ahead, can I beat this in 24 hours? I am sure as hell gonna try. This meant a trip Trader Joe’s and Target to arm myself with the ingredients for a cure. It also meant no “New Year” hugs for the many friends I ran into during this excursion.

Being a bit of a health nut, I always choose to try a natural approach to things that ail me. Not to digress, but this included labor. Lets just say that after 2 natural deliveries and giving into to drugs for the 3rd — I say – go for the drugs – seriously!! At least an epidural.

OK – so back to beating this thing. Hot fluids 1st. Lots of them. I prefer Chamomile tea by TAZO. It has really nice flavor and goes perfect with a bit of honey & lime. This is how it is described….

Tazo® Calm™ Chamomile Rose Loose Leaf Herbal Tea —For an herbal tea as relaxing as Tazo® Calm™, there’s a lot going on behind that floral aroma and sweet, soothing flavor. Light-bodied with a smooth finish, this loose-leaf blend combines chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, spearmint and licorice root. There also might be a bit of magic involved.

Did you happen to notice the word “Magic”?? This has got to be the way to go. Add to that a sickly tasting effervescent, vitamin packed immunity bomb from Airborn, a few clementines for some extra “C”, and some Burt’s Bees Natural lozenges (which taste much, much better than their chemical counterparts) and I should be on my way, right? Perhaps, but as I type my body is getting achier by the second and the cough has begun. I am armed with the big guns just in case…..Cold remedy-2This may need a tiny bit of explaining — Drugs & tissues are on hand if truly necessary (obvious antidotes), but what is likely to cure me (or so I tell myself) is some comfort food and some wickedly good 80 proof alcohol. “Snap” served up warm with a mug of hot cider is sure to kill something on it’s way down should the natural anti-bacterial agent (honey), which I am already drinking with my tea, not suffice. A warm fire with s’mores will be rounding out the day and hopefully help me sleep later. If that plan fails, I may actually have to start a “bucket list” Russian novel. Sure to knock me out!