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I can’t be trusted to remember anything lately, but of course nor can Steve. You would think between us we would have one coherent mind. Our children might say, “You guys are just figuring this out?” Wait! Have they said that already? I can’t remember.

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon searching for my sunglasses. They disappeared somewhere between a morning walk with Diplo-dog and sitting down to check my email 2 hours later. I was certain that they must have fallen off my person (perhaps tucked not tight enough in my cleavage) when I bent over to console Lexi in the elevator after accidentally banging her head into the metal door. I dragged Steve with me to retrace my steps as there are 3 elevators in our building. Which one were we in? Neither of us could remember. After a series of up and down 19 floors, a trip through the garage and a bit of the walking path, I came to the conclusion that they must be in the condo somewhere after all. I looked in all of the obvious places, and then the not so obvious. Could they be in the trash?? The fridge?? On the closet floor where I removed my sneakers?? I checked over and under the blankets on my bed near my laptop; not once, but 3 times. Even Lexi seemed to be looking with us. Could she have eaten them?? It wouldn’t have been the 1st time.WG-glasses

These glasses of mine are not just to block out the bright Florida sun, but to assist me while I drive as they are a prescription pair. Not that driving should matter to me this week. I left my credit card and drivers license at home in Baltimore. Yes, I forgot those too!!

I resigned myself to a week of squinting, being chauffeured around, and called “ditzy” by my husband. Not the worse consequence, although he did mumble something about me earning my food this week. I will remember to forget this.

Late this morning, Steve decided to to take me on an excursion to St. Pete’s. He said I “earned” the right to eat. Men. This made us late for our brunch reservations, so with Steve sitting next to me, I called the restaurant to let them know. No less than five minutes later, he asked me to call the restaurant to let them know we were running late. Who’s ditzy now?? I pointed this out to him, and he said he still had two up on my memory. He also said something else that implied he had forgotten something I told him earlier.  I can’t for the life of me remember what that was.

What I do remember is that we had a lovely brunch at Cassis American Brasserie in downtown St. Pete. This is a French Bistro with an adjacent bakery that has some of the best almond croissants and macaroons that I have tasted recently. I hope to forget that I ate these. The brunch menu has just enough variety to deal with both the carnivore & carb junkie alike.Cassis

Following our food-fest, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts which had a varied collection of sculpture, impressionistic masters and contemporary pieces. I was an art major in college, yet I do not have the patience nor interest to read every placard, or sit and contemplate the minutiae of every exhibit as Steve does. He should have been a docent instead of a Diplomat. SK-Fine Arts

My favorite part of the day was just outside the museum climbing the famous Kapok Tree. Probably not the best decision in high-heel boots, but fun nonetheless. If my mind is becoming that of a child – I may as well enjoy being one every now and again.WG-Kapok Tree

We had plans to stop on the way home for a few things at the drugstore, yet neither of us remembered that we planned to stop until we were back home, nor could remember the 4 things we needed anyway. Thank the lord for sticky notes. Steve promptly came in and wrote them down. Now if only I remember to take the list with me tomorrow…..List

I am just grateful that the New Year is approaching. Perhaps our minds are just tired from all of the horrible things that have gone on in our world the last few months between the shootings in Newtown, the horrific rape of the young Indian woman, Benghazi & the attack on the NY firefighters to name a few. Maybe we are not forgetful, but just overwhelmed with it all. Not that I really want to forget the hard things in life, but I am hoping for a more peaceful 2013 for everyone, and one with better things to remember.