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Dearest children —

I have a request. A gift that you can give me and know I will appreciate. One day of the year that I can depend on to have your un-rushed company. One day when you commit to get in the car, plane or train and just show up. One day with no excuses or work commitments. One day no matter what. This one day would be “Thanksgiving Friday”. I realize with all of us being scattered all over the place that this may seem difficult, expensive or less important as the years go by. But to me it is not. I will find a way if you do.

Maybe to you it is just another supper. I suppose I disappointed the ones of you who DID make it home by not serving turkey as I have done for the last 15 years. Without the help of my husband to assist with a 3 day brining of a 30lb beast, I apologize for preparing rack of lamb instead. It wont happen again. I promise. Really. While you were missing poultry, I was sad and missing this ………

And NOT just the bird in the pan (the big Turkey is not allowed to miss another Thanksgiving with me either). I miss saving the neck for Zadie and watching him devour it with juice running down his chin. I miss Bubbie. Everything about her. Don’t make me miss you too.

To the one of you who showed up with a lovely bottle of wine for me – many thanks, and much appreciated no matter how you acquired it (see paragraph below regarding misdemeanors.) To the one of you who chastised me for not making turkey by saying repeatedly, “Why should I even bother coming home from college?”, I am flattered that it has historically been so incredibly moist & delicious that you dare miss it. Sorry. I just wanted your company.

Aunt Jane & I tried to capture the spirit of things with our Mexican turkey napkin rings & our mini-legless-candy-birds. Not the same aroma, I know, but we did try. Just think — we could have named all 11 of these little creatures instead of struggling with just choosing one name as we traditionally do. Petraeus, Romney, Lance – Oh so may “turkeys” out there this year. A missed opportunity.

Trust me when I tell you that I am not over sentimentalizing this. There is a lot of sadness in the world right now and we are suffering from NONE OF IT. Compared to so many families — we got it really good! In addition, as your cousin Kate pointed out this morning – my 5 children are all now officially “adults” and managed to not wind up in “juvie”. I know there have been minor misdemeanors along the way with several of you, but all in all — you are great people and I actually like you! I even love that we get all snarly and dysfunctional more than we should. That is what make us US.

In addition, while we have a few minor health issues between us – a few faulty limbs, a couple digestive issues, a bit of anxiety, and a fake brain tumor to name a few, we have absolutely nothing that will imminently harm us. We are lucky. We rock. I couldn’t be more thankful. I know that my mother is thankful that she could be with her 3 daughters. I too need to be with you. Always.

Laugh at me when my brie explodes in the oven, and even chide me (although one time is enough) for an errant Facebook post. At least we will be together. It is not a chore. It is family. It means the world to me – as do you!

All my love – MOM 🙂