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They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I am apparently not getting enough apples.

Exhaustion has taken over. In the last 3 months, we have moved 3 times. In the past two weeks I have traveled from Tampa to Baltimore, Baltimore to Phoenix (for a work-related conference), back to Baltimore, to Tampa to Baltimore & back again. In case you weren’t counting, that is 6 flights. At least I have renewed my A-list status on Southwest (a small reward).

I cannot face unpacking (other than the essentials which include wine glasses & linens), nor blogging about the move. It would require me to get out of bed to take pictures. Those “bytes” that peck on my Apple which help me unwind are having a hard time flowing in my post travel/move haze. I thought if I could just get one good night’s sleep in my new bed last night, that things would look fresh today. Instead I am dizzy, drained & cold due to a little health issue. Diplo-dog decided to take over my personal space at 1AM and refused to budge which did not help matters. I might just camp out here till my 7AM flight tomorrow.

The bright side is that while squished in the middle — It is at least by two of my loves! The one with opposable thumbs just offered to cut me up some fruit. I think an apple is in order!!