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❝ Compromise is the essence of diplomacy; and diplomacy is the cornerstone of love ❞ ⁓ Unknown

One upon a time there was a Diplomat who was posted to a domestic assignment, so he needed to find and pay for his own housing (unlike his last assignment abroad which included a 6-bedroom luxury home with a pool and garden). This said Diplomat was not very happy about having to have this expense, and therefore set about looking to find the cheapest place he possibly could. With this low-rent budget in mind, he searched the swampy end of south Tampa trying to find a home that would please both his lovely wife and diplo-dog in residence.

Diplo-dog would have been happy with anything, but the Diplomat thought a fenced yard with a doggy door would be just right. A fenced yard property as it turns out tends to be “chain-link” in these parts, and the yards not only have snakes, but apparently poisonous frogs. 

His wife would have been happy with a brightly painted, quaint cottage where she could make gingerbread cookies (or at least red velvet cake), but certainly not in the middle of the flamingo jungle where trolls could be lurking.

Diplo-wife humored her spouse and went along to visit dozens of dilapidated housing specials. She smiled, and much like Goldilocks trying out each bed stated, “this ones just not quite right”, quietly knowing that time was running out on the lease in their temporary housing. Secretly, she dreamed of hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and a balcony with a view for sipping her morning latte. As luck (or exceptional internet search skills would have it) – while well, well above the budget set by her spouse, the wife found a lovely condo on the 19th floor of a beautiful building (with a resort pool and view of the city) that seemed “just right”. And in like most fairy tales where the handsome prince rescues the princess, the Diplomat will keep his lovely wife in a “Tower” where she belongs —- “The Towers of Channelside” to be exact — next to the beautiful downtown River Walk where she and Diplo-dog can walk to Starbucks and admire the expensive yachts.