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Networking, hobnobbing, meet & greet, mingle, marketing diva and well basically schmoozing have become my mainstay lately — NOT as the wife of a Diplomat, but rather as the new business development guru for WorkSpaces (the fabulous, boutique, commercial furniture dealership) that I work for in Baltimore. Like separation of Church and State, or in my case – civilian vs. enlisted, I try to keep my work week shenanigans separate from that of my husband who is working working daily with the high-ranking senior officers at SOCOM in Tampa. As I pointed out in my previous post, I am trying to circumvent the military lingo that has encroached upon our relationship. Well as it turns out — I can’t escape it in Baltimore either. I learned a new term last night while schmoozing with two new business contacts who happen to be ex-Marine & Navy!

Hooyah is the war cry or battle cry used by the United States Navy SEALsExplosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Teams, and Navy Deep Sea Divers. Recently, the US Navy as a whole has adopted it as a result of MCPON Rick West’s regular use of the saying. West’s son, an active duty Navy diver, inspired his father who saw the value of incorporating the motivational tool Navy-wide. It is similar to the expressions Oorah in the Marine Corps and Hooah in the U.S. Army. It is used to say Ok or understood or is sometimes used to show enthusiasm. Marines often use it in conversational tone as an alternative to mentioning widget or whatchamacallit. Recently, Air Force civil engineers have taken up this battle cry replacing more traditional USAF expressions.

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According to Wiki the origin is unclear, but may be related to “Heard-Understood-Acknowledged” (HUA). Another Acronym?? OMG!

My new ex-military friends, who are both now working in the financial world, and I discussed military acronyms & lingo over drinks and absolutely fabulous fare at the new Ouzo Bay in downtown Baltimore. This place is beautifully designed in a South Beach, hip fashion. The chairs were comfortable (this is the designer in me talking), and the bar area was open to the outside with a view of the harbor. The lamb meatballs and grilled octopus were outstanding, as was the company, so I suspect we will be back for another round.

While my stomach was being sated, my brain was being filled with the likes of “HOOYAH” and a few more that I cant remember after the wine and ouzo. I woke up, however,  today with the realization that I actually like this new word, and that perhaps I was selling my husband’s new found vocabulary short. I can certainly use it to motivate my children. When I ask my son to clean up his room, I will punctuate my request with a loud, enthusiastic HOOYAH!!!!!!!!! What mother wouldn’t want to be HU & A?

The possibilities to use this are endless if you think about it. I can use it in a conversational tone when my hormone rattled brain forgets the name of a manufacturer, colleague or piece of furniture in my work world. Whatchamacallit?? HOOYAH! When we are trying to meet a deadline. Yes team – we can do this. HOOYAH!

But the best application I think will be when my husband asks me if I am excited to get on the plane on Friday to be with him & Diplo-dog (despite my fear of flying). My answer will be a resounding HOOYAH!!!!!