I fell in love with my husband when our children were just 2, 2, 5, 6 & 7 years of age. For the past 17 years my world has revolved around managing joint custody schedules with 2 careers, overseas assignments, and a lot of soccer games.

I’d like to think that I have juggled things well in my little universe, but with the youngest two just shipped off to their 1st year of college, I sense the planets on course for a collision. The mother in me is having empty nest pangs while my 50 year old hormones are irritated at this sentiment and are keeping me sleepless & sweaty every night. To top it off, I find myself finally free of the responsibility to be home in Baltimore, but can’t bring myself to drop everything and move full-time to Tampa in 2 weeks as the good Diplomat’s wife. Baltimore has been my home & comfort zone for so long, that I am choosing to continue to wear my designer hat to work from here as a furniture consultant, and commute on the weekends. While it could be argued that I might find new work or design inspiration in Florida, I am having a hard time letting go of the chaotic routine that I have lived with for so long.

So this morning as I worked from home, the movers arrived once again. What do we ship to Tampa so that my husband has at least something to sit on, without totally stripping our home in Baltimore? With me being busy back to work, I only had a vague idea of what I had agreed to part with. As my hormones were ruling the day — I cried as I wrestled with whether to ship my Grandmother’s dresser. Not that I mind parting with it, but rather the fear of this sacred piece of furniture not arriving in one piece. Having to sign a release in case the truck crashes and becomes a fireball on I-95 with our possessions did not help! I tried talking Steve into living out of milk crates, but he wasn’t having it. I am lucky he loves me. Not only was I not being diplomatic — I sounded insane.

More insanity was on the horizon. I knew I had an important presentation at the office this afternoon, but that did not prevent mommy dearest from breaking down again after hanging up the phone from the son who couldn’t wait to tell me about his 1st day of classes. I managed an hour long business call in my PJ’s while supervising the movers, but then cried hysterically while blowing my hair dry. I needed to get a grip. So what did I do — gourmet ice-cream binge. That’s right – $12 a pint (more insanity) of Jenis Splendid ice-cream that you can order online by the case. A container of salted caramel & some goat cheese with cherry (weird but fantastic) was enough to calm me down, until I started crying again because I know this is going to stick to my diplomatic hips.


I arrived at my office late in the afternoon just in time to meet a showroom full of potential customers. They will never know the turmoil going on inside my head, because if I have learned one thing as a Diplomat’s wife, it is to be graceful under pressure. My 3 wonderful new colleagues — Emily, Merrick & Kerry never commented on my puffy eyes, but instead greeted me with bright smiles and willingness to take care of set-up so I could saunter in and do my job. Their help meant the world to me. They are now part of my universe and in the end – THAT made my day.