Our day started out later than expected, so we had to bag our plan of making multiple stops along our route from Lexington, KY to Warm Springs, VA in order to be on time for the 7:45 dinner bell at the Fort Lewis Lodge where we are spending the night.  By 1PM I was starving, and regretting passing up breakfast at The Waffle House. We spent the next 1/2 hour ranking the edible choices of Arby’s, McDonalds, Hardees and Taco Bell. Where was a great Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives when you needed one?? I spotted a sign for “Subway” which was my healthiest option and veered off the highway to the small town of Morehead, KY. I didn’t think anything of this choice, because I’d like to think of myself as the refined spouse of a Diplomat. The Diplomat, however, has a naughty sense of humor and dragged me into the local college bookstore for a t-shirt……

Steve fascinated by these t-shirts…..Can’t imagine why.

From there we spent the next 5 hours driving through some of the most lush landscape we have seen so far. West Virginia has certainly not been affected by the drought. At one point we were stuck behind an ambulance with it’s lights blaring — for 30 miles!!  “I guess passing an ambulance would be kinda tacky”, said my husband, with us running a bit behind getting to the Inn with the 5 course gourmet dinner that I had been promised.

I am probably a pain in the butt to drive cross country with as I need a rest stop every hour on the hour, but my amazing husband told me today that I was the best traveling companion ever. So when I had to pee one last time before we arrived at the Inn — I said I could just hold it another 15 minutes. Famous last words…..

Well this is unfortunate!

OK, so now we are on a country road in “East Bum$#%@”, Virginia and a fallen TREE was in the middle of the road making it impassable! It was starting to rain which wasn’t helping my cause. Steve told me to run up into the woods somewhere, but there was poison ivy in every direction. That would not end well. While I was contemplating the use of Lexi’s bowl as a latrine (don’t judge me), Steve was out of the car chatting with the locals as to what to do. Out of the 5 cars trapped, 3 of them had chain saws in their trunks. Ya gotta love rural Virginians. One burly guy in a flannel shirt asked Steve if he had one, and Steve replied, “All I’ve got is the multi-tool that my wife made me buy at REI –you know the one with the 3-inch saw attachment”. I was cracking up as the guy clearly walked away disgusted. Steve redeemed himself by helping move the sawed off limbs. Lexi, meanwhile, was freaking out at the noise of the chainsaws, so I put her “Thundershirt” to good use.

Amazingly — we arrived right at 7:45 as the dinner bell struck. My “gourmet” dinner was actually a camp-style buffet consisting of fried chicken & ribs smothered in BBQ sauce, home-made mac & cheese, pickled succotash & biscuits. While I don’t normally eat such comfort food fare, I gotta say it hit the spot — just as the homemade fudge brownie & mint chip ice-cream did. This place is a charming country retreat. You can see the stars clearly, and I even caught a snapshot of cool looking “katydid”. Lexi and I are looking forward to a cool dip in the creek tomorrow before finally heading home to BALTIMORE!!