We are in the Heartland of America on our way to a place called “Baltimore” and yes, this is Diplo-dog posting again. My mother is exhausted from my barking at night, driving all afternoon and drinking an enormous beer for dinner at Gordon Biersch in Louisville, Kentucky which is at 4th Street Live – a hoppin area even for dogs. Mom ordered shrimp tacos for dinner, BTW. She must think she is still in Tijuana. Delusional.

I am happy to report that I am getting the hang of being a gypsy, sleeping in a new place almost every night, and being cooped-up in the car all day. Being a Tijuana street dog after all, I have adapted well — I am just not letting on. I am persistently showing my hang-dog face which is easy to do with my black “bedroom eyes”. Today this served me VERY well. First we went on a 5 mile hike in something called “Forest Park” in St. Louis, MO where they had a prison for animals called a “Zoo“. I was hoping to rescue the ZONKEY behind the bars, just as my peeps had rescued me, but no such luck. It wouldn’t fit in the car anyway. Mom is turning into a bit of an animal too. Dad and I watched her strip off her sweaty clothes right there in the parking lot. I like her smell almost as much as mine, although Mom thinks I am getting kinda “ripe” after not having a bath for 3 weeks. I smell like dog – get used to it.

These are the only animals I could get near

Then Dad dragged us to a large Arch and made Mom get out of the car to take a stupid picture. I just wanted to get on the road again as we had 3 more States to cross.

Like no one’s ever done this before, Dad!

By the time we crossed through Illinois & Indiana, we had taken a bunch of pictures, and I had taken over the front seat. I was rewarded for scaring off the guy that was flirting a little too much with Mom, while Dad was in the rest-stop taking a picture of the condom dispenser. Mom said this wasn’t very Diplomatic behavior, so maybe I got to sit in the front cause Dad was being punished in the back seat.

Then we drove (all the while Mom rubbed my ears) and landed in a place called Louisville, Kentucky where the time changed again to something called “Eastern”. This made Mom happy — so I was happy. Here they are known for bourbon, fried chicken & horses. I got to eat chicken for the 2nd time today, and then Mom ate bourbon bread pudding tonight that I licked off her fingers. Like I said – “persistance”.

Lexington, KY is our home tonight. Can you believe they named this town after me? I can see the “Waffle House” outside our window. Breakfast will be fabulous tomorrow if I play my cards right!!