As if we were a pair of coeds going on a “road trip” this morning with no itinerary, we headed out of Kansas City with the intent of driving 245 miles across the state, hoping to have a little fun. With all of my OCD planning of this trip — I somehow neglected the Missouri route, and was too tired from our eventful night at the chic “Ambassador Hotel” to do too much about it.

We might as well have been sleeping in a frat house last night — Our “neighbors” decided to have a loud & very crude domestic spat at 2 AM which lasted a full 1/2 hour. At 4 AM, a series of emergency vehicles came blaring by our room, not to be out-done by the drunken revelry on the street below. I was hoping that the irate husband across the hall had not set our hotel on fire! Then at 5 AM, the hotel staff slipped the bill under our door with a loud thud. As you might imagine — Diplo-dog was not having any of it. She barked her head off most of the night – jeez! So in my disorganized haze and with a little help from my new Verizon 4G LTE hotspot, I managed to find two great University areas to spend our time today.

Hiking on the MKT trail

First stop & half way point – University of Missouri where I discovered the rails-to-trails MKT nature and fitness trail that hugs the campus. Parking was a bit of an issue, so I parked illegally (Mexican plates, of course) at the behest of my husband who must think that diplomatic immunity applies in Missouri. At least the restricted parking area was marked “WG” — My initials, so I figured, “what the hell”. Four miles later, and after a ton of squirrel chasing (Lexi with Steve being dragged behind), we were back on the road.

Clearly a lot meant for me, no?

Next stop – Washington University in St. Louis, MO which is in a gorgeous area next to “Forest Park“, and that we plan to explore tomorrow. There is another famous area right next to the University called “The Delmar Loop” which is designated as one of the 10 great streets in America, and is the home of the “St. Louis Walk of Fame”. The designer in me was pleased to discover that Charles Eames was born here.

A design legend

We ended our day as any coed would with pizza & beer at the local “Pi Pizzeria“. We all agreed that this was the BEST deep-dish pizza that we have ever tasted. Lexi particularly enjoyed the piece that Steve accidentally dropped on her head. It was less than a pleasure, however, removing bits of marinara from behind her ears. The best part about discovering this place was that they recently opened a location in Washington, DC of all places. I highly recommend that my WorkSpaces colleges in DC give it a try.

Our Hotel, “The Moonrise Hotel” is also located in the same area — a very cool, retro, dog-friendly spot worth checking out just for the design. Lexi might have a good night’s sleep here after all, curled up cozy under the moon……….

The princess on her own Divan