If only there were PLANES!! My hamstrings are barking louder than Lexi, so it is no surprise that I would secretly like to ditch the Diplomat & dog for a quick flight home from Omaha. While I would hate to give up all the quality time with the 2 of the loves of my life — I could forsake Nebraska! Don’t get me wrong – the people we have encountered here have been very nice (including the State Trooper who pulled Steve over), but there has been almost nothing but dry plains, grain silos and Union Pacific trains all day…….AND deep-fried food.

I wanted to get the heck out of North Platte early today, but such was not the case. Steve insisted on driving 20 minutes backwards on our route so that he could get a picture from the top of the Golden Spike which is a panoramic view of the largest rail yard. Poor Lexi wasn’t allowed, so she had to be tied to a train outside.

Lexi barking from below

Then it was straight to Gothenburg, NE for our scheduled trip to the Sod House Museum — exciting, I know, but I could not disappoint Steve who only wanted to photograph diplo-dog in front of life-size barbed wire sculptures of a buffalo.

resting my hamstrings

By now I was starving, so we headed to the Mac’s Creek Winery which I had discovered online. This place looked promising with an outdoor patio to sit with Lexi and grab a gourmet bite to eat. My husband, however, somehow thought that he would have diplomatic immunity speeding trough Nebraska, and was greatly mistaken as he was pulled over by a state trooper. My only regret is not taking a photo of this. By the time we finally arrived at the vineyard — I was ready for a drink and ANYTHING to eat. Lets just say that Steve nor Lexi would eat the chicken salad that was 90% mayo. Next stop — KFC, and I must admit that was an improvement. I at least got a good buzz out of the deal AND a good laugh.

much needed mediocre wine

It was a long ride after that to Omaha. So many more grain silos, and with signs in SPANISH everywhere. As it turns out there is a huge population of Mexican farm workers here. No wonder there are baja fish tacos on the menu of so many restaurants!! Made me a little home-sick for Tujuana.

We made a short stop on the way in Kearney, NE at the Great Platte River Archway, which was another photo OP and a place to walk Lexi on a rails-to-trails path. I need these walks as much as Lexi as I am missing my daily routine of exercise. I suppose I could have dragged myself to the mini-pool at the Holiday Inn Express tonight, but I was having too much fun watching the local news. Only in Nebraska are you likely to a hear a 15 minute top story featuring a woman who tried to poison her husband’s milk – AND he is gonna take her back! So glad I opted to stay.