The slogan of North Platte, Nebraska is “All the good things you’ve heard are true”, but after a few hours here, I’d like to think of it as “All the things you have heard are true, but not GOOD”. Perhaps I am being a bit judgmental, or just “mental”, after another 375 miles of driving……

The day started off in Vail, savoring my last artisan latte, and bracing my aching back for a day of long driving. First major stop was to fuel up Denver – at the hip, and very tasty “Fuel Cafe“. This is a funky little place in the middle of an industrial park with it’s own urban garden and great food. We ate out on the patio with Lexi dining at our feet. Too bad I didn’t have much of an appetite — descending 7,000 ft in altitude in just a few hours made me queasy. Lexi had no problem wolfing down both mine & her own portion of roasted organic chicken.

THEN we headed out on the long, barren drive towards Nebraska. I managed to find us a small little park in Fort Morgan, CO. to walk the dog where my diplomatic husband shouted “Stop having a brain hemorrhage!!!” This was directed to me after he let Lexi off-leash against my wishes, and she disappeared chasing after a squirrel into the recesses of the park out of my protective sight. I later had to sooth my rattled nerves with truck-stop crappy, sour candy. Lexi was staying close to me after that fiasco, so she and I took pictures FROM THE CAR like this beauty……

Steve making friends after I yelled at him for almost losing Lexi

or this one…..

There were a lot of bathroom stops along the way and one was weirder than the next. I am not sure why they think it is OK to not have doors on the ladies stalls in Nebraska, nor why it is perfectly normal to have the toilet & sink all in one!! Go figure.

We finally made it to North Platte and dined at the only place with an outdoor patio. OK – so I am not just a coffee snob. I prefer to eat great food, and not while staring at an irrigation lake, spot-a-pots and trailer homes all in view. Thank GOD they had decent beer, because not even Lexi was begging for a bite of food. I asked for a “Blue Moon” and the waitress asked if I would like the 32 oz. I almost said “yes”. Who drinks that??

We are finally resting our heads for the night at the La Quinta here. It actually is VERY nice, clean & spacious, very well designed for a motel chain, and very dog friendly. Nothing like a “tornado warning sheet” to greet you in your room, however. I understand there is a Starbucks nearby, so I am setting my alarm for 6AM. I am looking forward to our next stop — Omaha, but not before stopping to see the world’s largest grain elevator.