Oh the difference a few months make…..

Vail, Colorado – Winter/Summer 2012

During Steve’s post in Tijuana for the last 3 years, and while I was working & being a mom in Baltimore, we needed to get creative sometimes to see each other. Therefore, we decided to buy seasons passes in the Colorado mountains each winter to meet & ski. The Epic Pass is a fantastic deal which I would highly recommend if you plan on several trips a season as we do.

So as part of our cross-country drive home, we made Vail a stop to see what everyone raves about as a summer destination at our favorite ski mountain resort. It did not disappoint. There are lush mountain ranges, wild flowers everywhere and hidden treasures such as golf courses, bike trails, and roads that are hidden under the 300 plus inches of snow that we are accustomed to. There are concerts, festivals, rafting – you name it, and very dog & kid friendly.

Lexi has finally settled down too. I think she is in love here. The temperature is more to her liking (although 66 degrees feels like 80 at 9,000 ft.). She slept last night on a down blanket, and has had people offering her treats everywhere we go. We let her run off-leash in Gore Creek today after a 6 mile walk which was clearly the highlight of her week. Steve has insisted that we stay an extra day and I am not complaining. We still have 1,800 miles left to drive on our trek home.