Once again this is Diplo-dog is standing in for my mother, despite the fact that my brother Bradley thinks it is ridiculous that I am her ghost writer. I HAD to take control as she kept us up last night blogging till 1 AM. WE need some sleep around here and it was tough enough trying to do so in the ratty, cheap motel we were in, even though I had my own queen-sized bed (not fit for a pauper, mind-you). Four days ago I was the princess of the huge Consul General residence in Tijuana with gardens, guards and people waiting on me day and night. My people, Wendy & Steve, have moved houses 4 times in the last few days, and I am officially filing a complaint as my standard of living has declined dramatically. The only thing that kept me happy last night was chasing all the flies in the room, and laughing at Mom while she pinched her lips tight so as not to get any grey water in her mouth while showering. She dragged us out of bed at 6:30 sharp to “get the hell outa here”. I was with her!

Don’t make me go down there Mom

We headed out in the car and landed in a strange place called “Goblin Valley” which was full of scary, alien rock-baby “hoodoos”. Apparently there was a documentary filmed there called “Galaxy Quest” with Tim Allen that tells all about it, so I can’t be wrong. I barked my head off at those things and they did not move which made me think I could be their leader if it weren’t so damn hot. That wasn’t the 1st time today that I used my Shepherd skills either. I growled and barked at a large heard of cows on the loose and got them moving off the road as they were blocking our car. Then Dad insisted on getting out and taking another picture or two, so I took his place at the wheel and refused to move until Mommy gave in and let me sleep where her feet should have been resting. I love her smell.

Since it was such a long drive, we stopped to eat at a lovely cafe and wine bar called 626 on Rood. I hung my head low and gambled that my Mom would feel sorry for me again. I hit the gourmet jackpot and dined on a fabulous meal of smoked duck with homemade mozzarella & balsamic reduction. I really do not know why my friends eat dog-food.

Fortunately for me, things may be looking up as we arrived tonight at our new home — a much nicer place called “The Sebastian” in Vail, Colorado. This is the highest place (8,000 ft) I have ever been other than Tijuana & San Diego where people get another kind of high. I might have to dig in my heels and make a permanent home here. After another 7 hours nauseous in the car with Dad driving, I am done. Looking forward to a cooler, pleasant day hiking near my new home town tomorrow.