Today was a study in red. Red rocks, red hot tempers, red t-shirts, red hotels, and even red cows. What was missing was the red tent that I so desperately needed as I started off the day feeling irritable. Poor Steve had to spend the day with two hormonal females, but being the Diplomat that he is — he took it all in stride.

We spent the morning in Kanab & then the rest of the day in Utah driving through some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen as we headed to Willis Creek Slot Canyon. I was so looking forward to this hike, but a thunderstorm rolled in so we had to pass. En-route – we passed a cool little restaurant where we bought RED t-shirts that say “Home of the Ho-made pies”. Gotta love that. Fortunately as the tour director of this cross-country drive — I had a back-up plan for the afternoon which was to hike the Lower Calf Creek Falls in the Escalante area. I was exhausted even before the 6 mile trek in 90 degrees to the waterfall started, so my temper flared a bit when Steve kept stopping me to take pictures at every switch-back. The red rock scenery was magnificent as was the waterfall once we made it, so I am grateful that he persisted.

Me and my girl

Then we headed to Torrey, Utah where we saw a ton of bison, cows & what appeared to be reindeer wandering everywhere. We had to stop the car to allow a red cow to cross the road at which time Lexi took the opportunity not only to bark her head off, but stink us out of the car!! We found a terrific restaurant called Cafe Diablo, which I would highly recommend for this area. I can’t say the same for the “Red Sands Hotel” which is seedy at best. Steve said the only thing missing in the room is the box with the quarters to make the beds vibrate. I picked this place from Trip Advisor and was clearly off my A-game. The water coming out of the tap is grey which made me see red. Steve, having traveled to some 3rd world wonders in his career, happily brushed his teeth with this stuff. The diplo-dog and I sent him out to the car for bottled water for us. Even Tijuana tap water beats this! I miss my second home 😦