We had a bit of a slow start out of Vegas today as Steve and I were both groggy – not from a night out on the town, but from Lexi freaking out in the hotel room and waking us up barking at 2AM. We spent the better part of the next hour trying to calm her frazzled nerves, and neither of us slept well after that. The Westin Las Vegas is very dog friendly, but I was seriously worried about being thrown out!!

So, after a tough 1st night, we spent the day driving today from Vegas to Kanab, Utah; and found ourselves zig-zagging between the Arizona & Utah borders. It was a pretty, arid drive with rocky scenery everywhere – grey rocks, red rocks, yellow-hued rocks. So it is no surprise that a bit of rock-paper-scissors was in order ever time Steve wanted to stop to take a “Welcome to Wherever” picture. I am apparently no good at this game, because I got sucked into some road-side photography. I had no incentive to get out of the car any more than necessary, because traveling with Lexi the last few days has been akin to traveling with a 60 lb cranky toddler, who felt the need to usurp my place in the front seat every time I got out of the car! I have come to truly understand the term “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

Lexi hunkering down where my feet should be

We made it to Kanab in pretty good time and found ourselves at a cute little road-side motel called The Quail Park Lodge. Steve was sure it was going to be a dump inside, but I had done my research and this place is just charming. The owner’s two children checked us in, and our room is delightful with a VERY comfortable bed, flat-screen-TV and bathrobes to name a few niceties. We plan to explore a bit more tomorrow morning of this cute little town where over 100 movies were filmed at the Frontier Movie Town Museum.