My name is Lexi and I am the Diplo-dog. I am posting today because my people, Wendy & Steve are out on the town in a place called Vegas. It has been a hell of a day (excuse my language).

My day started like most days with my friend, Benancio, taking me for a walk in my home town of Tijuana. But when I came home — everything that I own was in the car!! What the heck was going on? We said goodbye to Benancio and Rogelia like most days, but Mommy & Rohelia were crying. I wanted to understand because I am a female too, but just didn’t get it. Weren’t we going to see them later? After crossing the border for the 1000th time, I was expecting an excursion in San Diego with my people which DID NOT HAPPEN! Instead they drove me around for hours until we reached another planet called the Mojave Desert. Dad opened the door to the car to take me for a walk and I was NOT getting out in that place. It was 109 degrees. I hated it there. What is wrong with them???

Me and my peeps — Mom, Dad, Rogelia & Benancio

Things didn’t get much better for the next few hours. I did a lot of panting and pacing from the front seat to the back. I sat on Mommy’s leg for a long time till she moved to my seat in the back. She said she had no “circulation” – whatever that means. Dad kept stopping the car to take pictures which further agitated me, so Mom made me wear my Thunder Shirt to easy my anxiety. It helped a little, so I rested my head next to Dad while he was driving. They did stop at one cool place where we ate Gyros in the car – YUM. Mom gives me “people food” when she is feeling sorry for me. I will have to hang my head down more.

Sitting on Mom’s lap when I am afraid

Finally, after driving for almost 7 hours, we arrived at another very hot planet called Vegas. I must say that I  found all of the people and lights rather interesting. We came to a place where there is a “Heavenly Bed” to sleep on, so it can’t be too bad. To top it off, I got to go to my 1st casino and had a 3 hour date with a guy named “Randy” who took me walking and to play with other dogs. I loved Randy, so If you ever come to this place check him out cause he is a SUPER STAR!. I’m gonna rest my head now, cause I hear we have more traveling to do, but take a look at our pictures from today. Dont miss Mom’s new friends & Dad next to the world’s biggest thermometer. It was too hot to work –  so for me it was just the world’s biggest paper-weight!!