In the famous words of Dr. Suess –  “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. ⁓ AND that is exactly what I tried to do today.

So – “Greetings from Tijuana” one very last time. It was a beautiful, sunny day (like every other day) which I am seriously going to miss. Being posted here was a blessing for my daily vitamin D need. Steve had bid on Oslo, Norway, which while being culturally very cool – would not have been good for my psyche on those long, dark winter days. It was a little hot for Tijuana today — 77 degrees. I laugh every time the locals refer to this as a heatwave. Much like the winter parkas they pull out when the temperature drops to 55. They clearly have never been to the likes of Baltimore, and I am clearly going to miss them! The people, while naive about the weather, are amazingly kind.

The bulk of the day was spent on packing our remaining belongings for the car. Steve thinks we can just wing it and cram it all in in the morning. While I admire his calm, diplomatic demeanor, years as a professional space planner makes me think this will not be the case. I guess my list of essentials for the car is not helping the cause. They include all sorts of emergency items such as anti-freeze, jumper cables, umbrella, flashlight & batteries, 2 gallons of water, emergency flairs, windex, garbage bags, bug repellant, windex & a roll of paper towels.  Then there is the “just in case” items such as first aid kit, compass, a whistle & multi-tool which includes a mini saw just in case I have to cut off Steve’s arm during a canyon hike!! A girl cant be too prepared, and am happy to report that the Swiss-Army knife I forced Steve to buy has a very sharp blade. I know this because I have a huge gash in my thumb today to prove it. Finally there are the things for Lexi — 2 large dog blankets, 28 baggies of portioned dog food, dog & water bowls, a large box with treats, rawhide, meds, vet records, dog lead and a “Thunder Shirt” and a large quantity of poop-bags. I am bringing a large duffle of clothing, my carry-on that I flew here with, a pillow and my backpack. We need to make room for all of the fancy Tequila gifts and all of the lovely gifts and plaques Steve has received since yesterday – AFTER the movers left. Whew….. and Steve thinks he is bringing a duffle and carry-on. HA! Muy divertido.

Pigging out on tacos and partying was on order for the rest of the day. First – my all time favorite shrimp tacos for lunch, followed by carne asada tacos for dinner – the fare at our “despedida” (farewell party) that the wonderful Consulate staff hosted for us at the residence. Diplo-dog took serious advantage of this by mooching meat from all the guests. She is very confused about the move, so I allowed the mooching. It was nice to stand by my husband’s side with Marissa while he rambled on about ice-picks, zonkeys (donkey’s painted like zebras) and received well-deserved Kudos from his staff.

Tomorrow we are off to Vegas. With a warm heart & a big smile I say “Adios Tijuana. Nos vemos pronto”