It’s OK Lexi – they are not going to put you in a box too!

It has been quite a moving day moving — Fragility everywhere and I am not talking about the glassware. Lexi returned from her morning walk to find me sneaking in a last workout on my Tijuana stairmaster (running up and down our 2 main staircases 75 times while crying). The enormity of leaving this wonderful place and people finally hit home. If that wasn’t enough – 8 strangers soon arrived which caused a bit of a Diplo-dog freak-out. She was not happy about her dog house being carted away, nor my suitcase coming out of the closet which is typically a sign for “I am leaving without you”.

I tried to reassure Lexi all day that I would not abandon her, but she got all pouty when she heard me tell a story today about her good diplo-dog friend Tika who lives with our friends the Crooks. The Crooks recently left Tijuana and have been assigned to Fiji for 3 years. As if it weren’t bad enough that Tika was going to be subject to quarantine for several months, they just found out today that Tika tested positive for an infection called Brucella that is very difficult to treat. If she doesn’t get rid of it this week — she will not be going to Fiji ever. Lexi and I were heartbroken when we heard the news. Diplomatic life is not always easy on furry friends and their families.

Moving day clearly had its moments. The movers decided to inform us that we were 65lbs. OVER our allotted 450lb air freight limit AFTER they had boxed and sealed everything. I kept thinking – “Please Lord, do not let it be my shoes”. So we got to watch everything be totally unpacked and then re-packed while we eliminated as many of Steve’s clothes as I could sneak out of the boxes without him noticing, and a few of my picture frames for good measure.

Our day would not have been complete without a trip across the border to spend a relaxing 2 hours at the Verizon store changing our phone plan, and then a creative dinner at home which consisted of freezer-burned Spanakopita, and a convoluted mess of frozen shrimp, sausage meat & succotash which Steve somehow made taste awesome. Perhaps it was the Tijuana beer & tequila chaser….