Nothing like leaving post to get a girl writing about it! I have spent the last 3 years traveling weekly between Baltimore, Maryland & Tijuana, Mexico as a dutiful Diplomat’s wife. How else could I be a mom & maintain a job on the east coast while hanging out with diplo-dog and Consul General husband while representing the USA in another country. A bit insane I tell you, but I did it!! Of course I should have been documenting this adventure all along, but better late than never. This week will be filled with a whirlwind of packing, shopping, eating, crying and other nonsense with Friday being our day of departure. While I hope to blog about many things Diplo-Wife related — the first set of posts will take me cross-country as we drive our adopted Tijuana street dog, Lexi, home to Baltimore where we will stay for a month before the next adventure begins.

I hope you will follow along – I wouldn’t want you miss my husband’s photo next to the “worlds largest thermometer” and other great sights. It will be a battle of wits — my husband’s desire to stop at every diner, dive & drive-through and my foodie need to find an exceptional culinary experience in North Platte, NE!!

– Lexi (the diplo-dog) helping me set up my blog